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Faced with major challenges in a totally unstable context, the automotive industry is still suffering from the after-effects of the covid-19 pandemic and the semi-conductors shortages, essential components of the production chain. As a major player in the Automotive industry, you need to optimize your Supply Chain, an important lever of your competitiveness to control your costs, secure your operations, reduce your delivery times and satisfy your customers.


Are these challenges familiar to you?

  • Production phase-out and plant shutdowns resulting in missed revenue and inflated costs?
  • Lack of visibility and control over your upstream and downstream production flows?
  • Uncertainty on volumes that lead to transport cancellations and unbalanced flows?
  • Increasingly complex management of your production line resulting in unexpected costs and delays?
  • Complex inventory issues due to incorrect planning or inefficient space management? 
  • Customer satisfaction is your main concern?


Automotive Supply Chain
is our expertise

Whether you are a manufacturer, an equipment supplier, a spare parts supplier, an importer or a distributor, SJL can help you improve your logistics performance. In each step of your production chain, we bring you the most adapted value-added solutions to each challenge you are facing. We create just-in-time logistic schemes that faithfully meet your needs and expectations. Discover our solutions.


Our Solutions

  • FTL or Groupage, national and international transport solutions covering Europe and Morocco, to manage your volumes and ensure the right balance between production and distribution:

Management of your Supply Chain: Inbound / Outbound transport of spare parts to supply your factories throughout Europe and Morocco

Urgent transport with acceleration of flows thanks to double drivers and relays.

Trace & Track: geolocation and real-time tracking of all your operations

  • Warehousing according to your specific needs  :

Multi-supplier  logistics: cross docking and consolidation for international transport

Logistics platforms :  +33 100 sqm

Evolving Logistics services in FIFO, LIFO, DLC, Tracking & Tracing and recall management

 Customs Solutions to ensure smooth flows: 24/7 teams of dedicated customs agents in Morocco and Spain

SJL supports the biggest Automotive leaders


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