SJL provides a 7500 sqm logistics platform in Tanger Med

5 reasons to choose the logistics plateform SJL Tanger Med 

Entrepôt SJL Tanger MED

SJL expands its logistics activities in Morocco

As a privileged partner of industrial companies established in Morocco and Europe, SJL group expands its growth strategy in transport and logistics and confirm its key player role in the supply chain in Morocco. With 4 main business clusters, SJL has significant assets to capitalize on a unique experience and expertise in the sector to be your ideal logistics partner.


SJL, world-renowned know-how and majors assets 


A Leader in lean industrial sectors such as automotive, food processing, and textile, SJL offers its customers in Europe and Africa a unique know-how, with a successful 72 years of experience in the transport sector that has extended to logistics services with a complete and fully-integrated solutions that meet performance and flexibility objectives and requirements. SJL relies on the professionalism of its people and performance of its tools at the cutting edge of technology (TMS/WMS) to support you in your logistics project through a range of services in tracking and traceability, FIFO stock management, LIFO, DLC and recall management.

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SJL Tanger Med

5 reasons to choose SJL Tanger Med 

SJL is launching a major extension project with the availability of 7,500 sqm of logistics operations in the Tanger Medhub. Located near the port via a single customs zone, at the gates of the Tanger Automotive City industrial zone and the markets of the free zone, SJL Tanger Med benefits from a strategic location. In addition, the know-how and the group's expertise in creating added value through integrated logistics and transport solutions are real advantages.


The 5 major assets of SJL Tanger Med :


Strategic location 

The proximity of several communication nodes including the Tanger Med logistics hub, the container port, the free zones of northern Morocco, and the Tangier Automotive City industrial platform.


Storage capacity

The proximity of several communication nodes including the Tanger Med logistics hub, the container port, the free zones of northern Morocco, and the Tangier Automotive City industrial platform.



Management tools

Management tools at the forefront of logistics management with high-performance tools (WMS / TMS) and through multifunctional and flexible installations that meet your needs.



Business expertise

Recognized expertise in the automotive and consumer goods industries and global partnerships with international customers based on operational excellence.



Customs facilities

Fluidity of operations between the Tanger Med port and the Logistics Free Zone. Our unique relationship with local authorities and stakeholders gives us significant administrative flexibility.


SJL Tanger Med,

Who is this offer for ? 

Actors in the automotive, textile, electronics, aeronautics, consumer goods, or distributors industries, are you looking to improve the service you provide to your customers by positioning a distribution center as close as possible to their needs ?

SJL provides you with a logistics activity space of 7,500 sqm in the best logistics hub in Morocco and Africa, with a range of fully-integrated solutions to improve your productivity and performance.

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Our strategic vision

In a constantly changing world, we support our customers in their industrial and commercial performance through complex and evolving logistics solutions. These strategic partnerships have in fact been developed based on integrated, customized, and multimodal solutions combining international freight, transit, domestic transport, and management of distribution centers that meet the current and future expectations of our customers. This operational excellence, the pillar of our value proposition, is the result of constant improvements in our operations and our human capital. Laurent Simon, group CEO

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5 reasons to choose the logistics platform SJL Tanger Med 


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